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Capacity test

The test was performed by altering the original pressure trough the pressure regulator. This took place during the open circuit, while the air flowed from the silencers. The related pressure was measured using a manometer. Subsequently the values of the related flowmeters were checked using the data shown on the flowmeters scale multiplied by a factor K which varies depending on the pressure present in the flowmeter at the time of its reading. The test was performed on all silencer models using the same pressure range, beginning from 1/8" to 1", in order that we could prepare comparative diagrams of thread sizes given that the operating conditions of each model were the same.

The carryng capacity has been calculated as follows:

K= 1,414 pressure for 1bar
K= 1,732 pressure for 2bar
K= 2,000 pressure for 3bar
K= 2,236 pressure for 4bar
K= 2,449 pressure for 5bar